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Korean Crispy Chicken

Move over Buffalo wings, Korean Crispy Fried Chicken are here to stay!

Whether you prefer the spicy crispy fried chicken or the sweet salty soy sauce coated chicken, Korean style chicken seems to be staying on the band wagon. With Spices of the Orient Korean sauces, you can duplicate the recipe at home. Choose Ganjang for soy sauce or Yangnyeon for a mild spicy flavour.  

Spices of the Orient Korean Sauce (Gangjang or Yangnyeon)
75ml iced water
1/2kg chicken chopped to bite size pieces
oil for deep frying


Pour open the coating batter mix into a bowl and add in 75cc of iced cold water. Mix well.

Coat the chicken with the batter.

Deep fry the chicken at 180 degree C until golden brown by batches.

Put the chicken aside.

5. Once all the chicken are cooked, fry it for a second time. This step ensure the chicken are extra crispy.

Pour the sauce over the chicken, toss well and serve. You can also pour the sauce into a bowl and use a pastry brush to coat it. 


Tips: Use chicken fillet for a lesser chicken fat option.
Use chicken nugget or ready fried chicken to enjoy the sauce without having to wait for it to be done.